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Slides and Recording of My Talk 'Leveling Up in Job Interviews' at the JUG Saxony Day 2022

Posted on Oct 31, 2022. Updated on Oct 31, 2022

Last September, I hold my talk “Leveling Up in Job Interviews” at the JUG Saxony Day 2022 near Dresden. You can find the slides (English) and the recording (German) of my talk in this post.


I really enjoyed the talk and the questions from the audience. Thank you very much. Special thanks go to the JUG Saxony for organizing this great conference.

Recording (German)

Embedded video doesn’t work? Watch it directly on Vimeo.

Slides (English)

Blog Post

I also wrote the blog post “Leveling Up in Job Interviews” about the talk topic.


Copyright by JUG Saxony e. V.

Copyright by JUG Saxony e. V.