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Talk 'Best Practices for Unit Testing' at the KotlinConf 2018 in Amsterdam

Posted on Oct 15, 2018. Updated on Sep 26, 2019

On Oct 05, 2018, I held a talk about Best Practices for Unit Testing in Kotlin at the awesome KotlinConf in Amsterdam. I’m still overwhelmed by the packed room taking about 650 people. Thank so much for your interest! I’m also thrilled by the positive feedback on twitter. In this post, you can find the recording and the slides of my talk. The KotlinConf was an awesome conference. It was so great to meet the kind and open Kotlin community in person. Let’s carry on!



Basically, I transformed my popular blog post ‘Best Practices for Unit Testing in Kotlin’ into a talk. I wrapped the items into little stories and added new content.